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Weather Procedures

Weather Procedures

Emergencies & Tropical Cyclones

Here we have information on weather warnings and school procedures. Details of any weather warning will be posted on our website's homepage.

1. Signal 8 Before School

If a signal 8 is hoisted before school begins, the Director of Education (Responsible for ALL HK Schools) will announce through the media, usually from 6.15am, that all schools are closed. In this case QBS buses will not operate and all students are expected to remain at home.

If weather is bad please tune into the following radio stations, television stations or website so that you can receive up to date information.

  • Radio Stations
  • English
  • RTHK Radio 3 - 567kHz, 1585kHz, 97.9 mHz
  • RTHK Radio 4 - 97.6 to 989 mHz
  • Chinese
  • Metro Plus 1044 kHz AM

TV Stations

  • English - TVB Pearl, ATV World
  • Chinese - TVB Jade, ATV Home, Cable New station #9


2. Signal 8 During School

If a signal 8 is hoisted during the school day, the school has to close, and the children have to be sent home "when it is safe to do so."

In this case if the closure is during an afternoon session, we will follow the usual daily procedures as far as possible.

  • Please do not telephone school.
  • Please do not come earlier than usual.
  • Please do check the school website's homepage.

If there is any change of procedure we will contact you through our link parent system.
Assume that it is "business as usual", unless you are told otherwise.

If the Signal 8 closure occurs during a morning session, we have no choice but to close early.

In this case all the above points still apply, but:-

Our link parents will contact the parent of each class to tell you what's happening as will our website.

We will not send any students home early, without first ensuring that parents are informed and are able to receive them.

Tropical Cyclones

Hoisting of No.1 Signal
All kindergartens and schools will operate as normal.

Hoisting of No.3 Signal
All Kindergarten will close. Other schools will operate as normal unless otherwise stated.

Hoisting of No. 8 Signal
All Schools will close

Lowering of No.3 Signal
All Schools to resume from the following sessions. Kindergartens to remain closed.

Lowering of No.1 Signal
All Kindergartens and schools will resume from the following sessions.

Heavy Persistent Rain & Thunderstorms

Green Alert
Indicates that significant rain is likely to affect Hong Kong within the next 12 hours. No action is needed from the public.

Amber Alert
Indicates that 50mm of rain or more is expected over Hong Kong during the next 6 hours or so. No action required from public.

Red Alert
Indicates that 50mm of rainfall has been recorded generally over Hong Kong during any 1 hour period or less. Further heavy rain could cause widespread road flooding and traffic congestion. Pupils will be advised to stay at home or remain in school until it is safe for them to return home.

Black Alert
Indicates that more than 100mm of rain has fallen in the past two hours or less. Because of widespread road flooding and serious traffic congestion, residents will be advised to stay at home or take shelter in a safe place until the rainstorm has passed and road conditions have improved.

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